Experience Africa

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Definition of a learning circle: group of people, sitting next to each other forming a circle, discussing any topic of their common interest.

Unexpectedly I was invited for one and again unexpectedly it was very good. It was hosted by Center of African Culture in Warsaw www.motemaafrica.com and it was about getting to know culture of Africa through real life stories told by Polish people who’s been living there and African people living in Poland.

I WANT TO GO TO AFRICA, simple as that. Continent of so many natural beauties like nowhere else; continent of such warm and friendly people who’s main task is to make you feel happy; continent of hot weather that I need so much these days.

Africa resembles paradise. Endless source of beauty, unreveiled natural miracles, amazing wild beings, delicious healthy food, profound inspiration, beautiful music, and all together hedonism. On the other hand, there are some people who realized that natural resources of black continent are unprotected, available for exploatation, and can be used to generate enormous wealth. These are the people who’s interest is not development of African continent, implementing democracy, increasing leaving standard and these are the people who are very powerful. They are supporting dictatorship in African countries since the time they gained independence covering that by providing so called help in medicines, food, UN missions, etc. Ask people in Africa if that helps? What do you think would be the answer? What can help is teach and let them decrease corruption, develop democratic society and just watch them become the most powerful region in the world along with China, India and Brazil.

Nairobi, wich to see you!


The very First AIESEC Party

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My new colleague Gintautas

My new colleague Gintautas

22.12.2009 – Just came back home after a 24 hours long road trip to Kielce, Poland and beautiful lake Bolmin, an AIESEC national conference “Force” venue. Party delegation consisted of Gosia, Iwona, Sandra, Kasia, Arek, Gintas and me departured from Warsaw at 17:00 yesterday and the party began.

A few familiar faces broke distance I’ve made with AIESEC conference since I’ve attended last one a year ago in Velika Plana, Serbia. Global, actually National Village party was demanding in terms of being hard to avoid drinking too much too fast but we managed to stay alive. Dance floor was busy all the time, sometimes occupied by “AIESEC dances” which I do not admire so much as you might assume but it was fun.

Conference venue, lake Bolmin

Meeting so much people and having so many different discussions over only one night is amazing. From a girl sharing her harsh life story along with an exceptional snorring sound coming from a guy sleeping near buy, to another one interested in Balkan social issues, to a Indian guy promoting India as a “future global leader”, finished with my lovely friend Ula Piller whom I’ve seen for the second time finally, this morning.

Party was excellent and fulfilling. Actually it still didn’t stop since there was no dream or sleep since it started. Conclusion is that AIESEC in Poland is a fine organization and knows how to have fun.

Na zdrowie

Road trippin

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October 27th 2009, beautiful day. Robert, my boss, and I left Warsaw and started a 10 day long road trip. It was meant to be a business trip but besides that it was a lot about pleasure as well. We visited 8 countries driving over 4000 kilometers.

My first meeting with Slovakia and town of Poprad http://eng.poprad.sk, beautiful area of High Tatras – Southern part of Carpathian Mountains on the border between Poland and Slovakia. Very inspirational area with big “Aqua city” in the middle of action and open air thermal swimming pools.

Monday, working week started. After visiting our factory in Tatabanya, Hungary we continued to Slovenia. While driving through Hungarian valley I didn’t even notice that we entered territory of my ex country, Yugoslavia, until we stopped at the gas station and heard nice Slovenian lady speak. Business meeting during the dinner in Ljubljana and parteyyyy. I am so happy I met Marko and Tiana there.

After very important meeting for my future, in the morning, and fancy exotic lunch, we were on our way to Croatia. One more meeting and then finally road to Belgrade, Serbia http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33907762/ns/travel-destinations/#storyContinued

Karaoke night with my friends, crazy night with a friend again and another meeting very close to my home town – Trstenik – where it all began, I mean where I began. I spent the evening and night with my family and childhood friends and I must admit that it wasn’t easy to leave in the morning. Roads of central and western Serbia, Lucani, Koceljeva, Sabac, took us to Tuzla, Bosnia, which was our final destination for that night. Next they we were already on the way back to Slovakia and city of Zilina. I met my Chinese friend Peng there, after 2,5 years, and spent great moments traveling around with people from all over the world.

After very exiting 10 days, I was in my bad on Sunday evening, thinking of what I’ve been through and hoping that it will happen again soon.

If you want to be happy, be.

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What do you exactly feel when you are happy? Actually, there are so many feelings tightly connected to happiness and causing us to feel happy that it is almost impossible to define it as a unique feeling. It is unique when it comes to a personal level, since it is an individual mixture of feelings one needs to find inside himself.

I am happy that there was loads of happy moments I lived through during last 3 months. I will state only special selection here in order to try to show you what makes me happy. Glimpses of a  sea looking like never before, new private business ideas and discussions, interesting people, my future in Poland, non-stop party and a few more … stay tuned.

Gdans, Gdynia and Sopot are three cities on Poland’s far north forming trojmiasto agglomeration. All three cities are very nice especially because they are coast line cities. They are not big but a lot of students live there so atmosphere is dyamic and one can have loads of fun there. Night life is the best in Sopot. My primer goal was the sea. I have never seen it in this form before. Strong wind was giving hard time to an only sail boat trying to get safely to marina, water and sky took the same nuance of dark grey while seagulls were still persistent to fly and dance with the wind, like always. This was first time in my life to sea this face of a sea and I will never forget it.

You know that strange things happen. That could probably be the only explanation of how I became a football player, even good one. I regularly play for my department, in our company league, and now when the season is finished we have training games every Tuesday night. They see me to be a top player, which is very funny,  I admit.

Besides playing football, I have been working out in a gym last 4o days what helped me gain some weight back. The gym is only one metro stop away from my flat, what is very convenient, although it is not very good it is cheap at least. Money is an issue here for me, there is lack of it simply. Second month was the biggest challenge for me, since my big salary survived for 15 days only. The hardest moment was one night, out in the city, when I realized that I have 5 euros left in the wallet and 800 euros of clothes on my body. Something has to be changed. We will see what.

There is a special person I want to make you think about. Milena is special for all of us since she is one of few who decided to break boundaries and step onto a very sleepery ice. Milena is dedicating, even risking her life for pursuit of creating new sustainable world. My friend, ex roommate, teammate Milena Vujcic aka Mici is part of Antarctica Expedition this November 2009 where she is discovering undiscovered  http://www.ekspedicija.com/

Night life in Warsaw is still quite fun. Perfect evening in “Lolek and Bolek” with my boss and his wife to be (if name of the restaurant reminds you of a cartoon you are right); my Serbo-Romanian friend Nikola Gavric finally in Warsaw and interesting evening on 40th floor of Marriot, nice Polish dinner and Enklava club till the morning after; colleagues, new friends from all over the world, just perfect. I had an amazing evening in fany Sobieski hotel where I was invited for new restaurant opening. I got a prize, swam in chocolate fountain and had nice cocktails along with a beautiful lady. I liked their toilets very much 😉

Things are going pretty well for me. Career start is very good, fun is everywhere, hedonism all around me and I feel great.

See, if you want to feel happy it’s not hard at all, just do it, decide that you want to be happy and be. Mr. Lav Tolstoy taught me that.

There is something that I missed, something that certainly made me the happiest guy on universe. Can you imagine how happy that is? My brother Zarko and his wife Ksenija are to become parents finally, and I get to be an uncle! Can’t wait.

40th storey view

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Warsaw looks like a descent European capitol.  Shopping malls everywhere, business skyscrapers with flashy famous brand images on top, well organized public transportation (metro, tram, bus, taxi), several bridges connecting western and eastern part of the city, wide streets and busy traffic are aspects of a European metropolis we are used to. There is one curiosity I cannot get accustomed to that easily, a special odour you can feel every Sunday, just after a crazy Saturday night and loads of parties all over the city center. People drink a lot, people have needs, no time to wait in the WC queue, so better idea for them is writing name on the pavement using you know what … This must be about creative thinking and flexibility…   Sometimes, it seems that they are trying so hard to make the city resemble other big European capitols or even American, and they burn their wings trying. Old city is a very nice and romantic place, to have a walk or a drink: street performers, music concerts and candles. Out of the center, there are many new blocks of flats designed for living, New Belgrade look alike. Vistula (Wisla) is a wide river deriving in and flowing trough Poland into a Baltic sea. It is a nice gadget of Warsaw very polluted though. Night life is something Warsaw can be proud of. So many bars, restaurants and fancy clubs making people go crazy, during the weekend especially.

Reckitt Benckiser Production SP z.o.o. is a company … shit I just came back home, it is 5 am, need to stop for the moment with this mumbo jumbo and tell you something far more interesting. There is a club, no no, before the club, we went to “American girls’ apartment” to have a few drinks and celebrate smth. Mr. Jack Daniels wished us a very warm welcome and things started to move really fast. Rather international and interesting crew, wait for the photos. Another guy and myself decided to go for clubbing since girls couldn’t handle Mr. whom I mentioned before. Stupid selectors didn’t let us get into the Opera, so the IF club was our choice. Disco Saturday night, you could feel it at the entrance already. A lot of shiny disco balls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxsYbdihttc&feature=related above a dance floor full of beautiful ladies I must admit; one of the greatest moments in Warsaw so far. It was that good. Brilliant atmosphere, people dancing and seducing each other; of course some get lucky and others get less lucky but the air is so good there. I spent few moments just watching people, their mood and resources and tools they use to achieve their goals – brilliant. There was a guy, Hispano American, white shirt half zipped, hairy chest, golden chain and gel mafia hair cut, giving his best to get laid. Poor guy, he tried it with every single woman there, even showed his dancing moves but still nothing. He was constantly transmitting a manly sweaty odour, which might be attractive to some women, but probably not these in the If. Finally, he unpinned his belt and unzipped pans, and started to put his shirt back into pans pinning the belt back again, in the middle of the dance floor. He didn’t care really. Very positive guy. If I was a woman, I would probably award him for trying so much.

Right, Reckitt Benckiser Production SP z.o.o. is a Reckitt Benckiser Group (UK) affiliate located in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, Poland, 30 km north from Warsaw. There are 2500 people working on site in production and administration in total. Very modern, dynamic and fast growing corporation, well organized, led by a lot of very smart and very young people. I work for EMEA Sourcing Department, which means that I am finding, all over EMEA, more effective raw material and packaging sources for RB production sites in Spain, Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia and a few more. The job is very complexed and challenging since there are so many factors influencing possibility to achieve. I am very motivated to succeed and I am sure I will. Physically my table is in RB Poland Purchasing department and the atmosphere is amazing. My boss is a very interesting guy, 35 years old Slovakian, always ready to party. We travel to work together by car, since he lives in the neighborhood.

I am already used to living here and using everything city can offer to improve the quality of one’s life. We even have our own big super market which I visit regularly. Shopping was always important for me. Once I decided to go to even bigger one, they told me I should go to Macro and see what cheap grocery shopping is. I was very tired, took the bus, had a long 20 minutes ride and finally found it. I realized that Macro is part of Metro group and that I could enter only if I had a special card, shit, of course I didn’t have it. I decided to go one stop back, to another market and continue shopping. It took so much time, energy, money and I was back in the bus after two hours with full rucksack and two big bags in each hand, probably completely funny, but satisfied. There is a few more anecdotes but let us leave them for future meetings.

I live in Zlota 3/5, 00-019 Warsaw. Hearth of Warsaw and a street passing by roots of very famous Palace of Science and Culture. The flat is very big and there are five more people living here. They are all Polish. The atmosphere is great we only miss a little bit more rhythm and parties and I am sure that we will all start working on that like a team. There is a guy who keeps telling me I should stop eating Soya since it is bad for a “man thing”; ok so far so good. I see another one every morning, since I get up very early, getting up at 7.45, wondering around the flat with eyes half closed, speaking like a baby: “this is vevy badd, I want to quit this wolk and go back to schoollll; I want to sleep ..” and so on. I tend to start a kind of a party every morning to bring some energy into the flat and get ready for new work adventures.

Warsaw can be very amusing. Besides very good clubs, there are different festivals and cultural events organized. There are numerous museums, I already visited Polish National Museum and The Army Museum, and I just got the tourist guide that will help me visit any other interesting site. I will travel around the Poland, probably even another country, but there is still a lot to see in Warsaw.

Every day, I meet many different people which is very important for me. I simply enjoy being in a diverse environment and discovering completely new perceptions of reality. Polish people are nice, generally warm, parting and drinking a lot. They simply love Vodka and beer. I tend to manage somehow. On the other hand, some of them act a lot colder, always strict, dark face expressions, one would say similar to German mentality.

Tick tack there’s been almost a month living out of Serbia. Very short month. I got a good job, met a lot of people, discovered new places, learnt a lot, met women, done sports and had loads of fun. I am completely satisfied and happy. Although I miss friends, family, people, things back in Serbia beautiful Warsawian moments still don’t let me even think about coming back. Speaking of beautiful moments, Stary Rynek (The Old Square) in Stare Miasto (The Old City) is a very romantic place I will spent more time at. Imagine being at the 40th floor at the sky above Warsaw, at night, listening to a great electro pop live act along with percussionist, and breading the view. It is one of the moments that takes your breath away. It certainly took mine.

The Show started

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It’s like a child eager to go out, anywhere, following mum, suddenly feels like staying because there is something that occupies attention more, something like a video game or a cartoon. It wasn’t a game what occupied me but I must have felt like a child.

It’s not that easy to go, when D day comes, to step into something completely different, unsafe, leave the life as you know it, and start living another one. Yes, it’s true, one should continue with the same life and enrich it with new flavours but only the lucky ones learn that on time. I suppose I get lucky sometimes.

Suddenly I was in a train, having the best farewell ever (Thank you Vlada), looking around thinking and simply leaving. Hungary, 3 hours walk near Duna (Danube), Budapest city center and beautiful squares woke up a child in me again and made me want to stay once more. I would love to spend more time in Budapest and I am sure I will once. Unexpected finding – beautiful ladies.

Night, train again, on the road to final destination, Slovakia, Czech Republic, 7.40 Warszawa Centralna at last. Ola met me there and took me to the appartment. The Show started. After 28 hours of travelling in total, I came to my new appartment in Zlota, “trainee appartment”, liked it, found my own spot, had a shower, dressed up and went out to meet my manager to be and go to work. 9.31, being a minute late, I saw a Slovak guy, looking and acting like Serbian, standing by the big car smiling and greeting me. Excitment and curiosity kept my level of energy very high. Great company, great atmosphere, great assignment, great opportunity. I was happy.

It has been 5 days now. Worked a lot, been clubbing, dining out, improving squash skills, shopping, walking and getting to know neighbourhood, meeting flatmates and old friends. It is late, I am to get up in 6 hours and go to work. I need to tell you that I go through everything from time to time and wonder if I’ve found it or not. I can assure you that I feel very satisfied, very happy and very excited about the time to come. This life is the most valuable thing someone gave you and we will make the most out of it. If any single one doubts this point of view, let him come to Warsaw, sit with a girl from Manila, 2 ladies from USA, a girl from Poland, another one from Bulgaria and a Polish guy and eat Chinesse at the Wook. I just did it and it felt great!

Intro to an end

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Watch any news these days and you stay stuned. Leaders are less today about direction and authorithy and more about distraction and authonomy. Globalisation is a great servant of the people. It is delivering services, products, wealth, employment, spread of information and possibility to communicate globaly. But, globalisation which extends slave trade in people’s labor, expands short term production and consumption, grabs world’s resources without sustainable returns is nothing else but a rapid virus, spreading fear and ripping a part vulnerable communities.

Globalization brings with it the phenomenon of free and accessible information and creates a world where Reputation becomes everything. And with an urge to protect an enhanced reputation comes a serious commitment to conduct business in response to this awkward question –  who is this serving!?

There are two major trends, impacting us as we speak. Industrial system is exploiting the Earth and destroying the biosphere. Another trand is a growing sense of awareness and a developing sense of right and wrong with respect to the first trend. We could call it environmental ethics. Where these two trends of declining the biosphere and increasing awareness interscept is where the fait of human kind will be decided.

Some have asked the question and learnt. Failure to learn will lead to extinction.